Improving your Singing Technique in the New Year - with Ross Campbell of Royal Academy of Music, London

Is it time for you to get your singing exercises in order?

Whatever stage you are at in your singing profession, or whether you’re a singing student or teacher, we encourage everyone to make the book ‘Singing – An Extensive Handbook For Singers and their Teachers’ to be a key part of your future planning in 2020. Read on for our guidance to making the most out of the book this year, with an overview of a few key sections below…


Start by getting your basic knowledge of singing in check

The best singing starts from understanding the foundations of the singing voice. Believe it or not, many professional singers and students are unaware of many of these basic principles, or can certainly take these for granted over time. Whether you need to gain this essential knowledge or a much-needed refresh, the Singing Handbook opens with an overview and practical exercises related to the essential three categories: breathing, making sound and modifying sound.

If you’re a singing student that needs to know the best way to get your body ready to sing, or a singing teacher requiring practical guidance and exercises to share with your students, this introduction provides everything you need for those early lessons in singing. From warm-up to ending the lesson, you’ll be more confident and professional with these essential tips!

Be prepared for events that may affect your voice through the seasons

Every person is unique and will change throughout the year in different ways. As the body ages and as we adapt to different environments and situations, our voice can be affected in different ways.

As singers, we should all possess general knowledge on how the body changes as we age and how to adapt our voice through time. This is great advice, particularly for those teachers that may be teaching young students who are going through puberty, or for those looking to keep the voice supple in later years. It helps you to recognise the changes and how to approach them with different techniques.

With the changes in seasons throughout the year, the body has to adapt to new weather conditions, often with common colds or unexpected illnesses to cope with. The singing handbook provides proven techniques, remedies and exercises to ensure that your voice is in the best condition possible in the event of illness. Like it or not, life can throw unexpected obstacles in our way, so it is essential that we are equipped with practical know-how to ensure our singing is not adversely affected!

Get ready for singing rehearsals, auditions and performances throughout the year

Performance is the ultimate goal of all work undertaken in the teaching room, but there are many aspects missed that can hinder optimum results. With his decades of experience working first-hand withteachers andstudents in the music and theatre world, Ross Campbell’sSinging Handbook is filled with all the research, knowledge and experiencehe has cultivated throughout the years to yield the best outcome.

Struggles for the most successful performance may be as unique as the person giving it.For instance, performance nerves are one of the biggest barriers for many singers, however even those that have confidence may also lack in connecting with the audience. From the psychology of singing to proven exercise methods, these tips and exercises will help you to present better performances on stage.

Get more singing tips and advice with Ross Campbell, Royal Academy of Music

For more guidance and advice, you can order the hardbook or eBook version from The Singers Portal online store today. His book contains all the challenges and opportunities he’s encountered in his Masterclasses and Workshops, with both singing teachers and students, so there’s something for everyone.

We wish you all the very best with your singing goals in the new year!


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