Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach Professional Development Programmes

ross mis awardRoss Campbell’s reputation and passion for sharing his own experience and research in professionally developing singing teachers in all musical styles has already taken him to Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Borneo, Malta, Oslo, Dublin, Cork, Belfast and numerous cities throughout the UK.
His singing teacher and vocal coach professional development programmes cover all aspects of training the singing voice from the anatomy of the voice through to performance. Ross presents 1, 2, 3 & 4 day programmes which can be adapted for small groups of 3 or 4 teachers or for larger groups.
All programmes contain an equal amount of technical information and practical work, and always include a whole host of song repertoire examples from the classical, musical theatre, pop and rock styles and genres.

singing tutition englandsinging tutition england

Programmes include:

  • The Core Principles of Breathing, Making Sound & Modifying Sound
  • The Essential Anatomy to include the Breath Support System, and covering the Lungs, the Diaphragm, the Abdominal Muscles, and other Related Muscle Groups
  • The process of Making Sound to include the component parts of The Larynx and how we use it
  • The process of Modifying Sound to include The Resonators
  • The different Voice Qualities available to us, to include how we change the posture of The Larynx to produce different qualities appropriate to different styles of repertoire from classical to pop
  • The basics of teaching singing and training the voice, to include effective warm-ups
  • Understanding singing exercises and what each one achieves
  • Music examples in classical, legit musical theatre, modern musical theatre, commercial musical theatre, pop and rock styles, using the appropriate voice qualities to achieve credibility in each style  
  • Discussion forums on Practitioners and Methods
  • Developing a good diagnostic ear as teachers
  • Troubleshooting the common technical problems we meet when teaching
  • Teaching each other with feedback and discussion
  • Teaching students with private feedback and discussion

You can view some testimonials below. Please contact Ross by email or phone from the contacts page of this website for more information, including location and fees.

Some Testimonials

  • Joel Segura - Artistic Director of Lyric–Creative Ltd (UK)

    As a trained actor, singer and part time vocal teacher and coach for a number of years, I was always somewhat concerned that my knowledge in the essential areas of vocal production was either outdated or lacking in key areas. Generally, we...

  • Vicki Beauregard - Gloucestershire Singing Teacher

    Having attended the Professional Development course with Ross, I can honestly say in was one of the best courses in my entire teaching career to date. It was without a doubt the most valuable and educational I have attended and I cannot recommend...

  • Andy Holloway - Singing Teacher, London

    The professional development course has been a fantastic and rewarding experience, helping me to fully understand the workings of the anatomy involved in singing, the vocal qualities and their application in songs and how to diagnose and correct...



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Ross works between teaching studios in London and Surrey/Hampshire. Please use the contact page to leave Ross a message or get in touch.

Private Training

Ross is accepting private students for training, with private teaching studios in London and Surrey. Please read more on the 'Singing Tuition' page. He can be contacted direct on his mobile or by email