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by International Singing Specialist Ross Campbell

Daily Singing Tips are essential technical Singing Tips for Singers, Singing Teachers, Musical Directors, Chorus Masters, and Voice Practitioners.

Daily Singing Tips are produced by International Singing Specialist Ross Campbell (www.rosscampbell.biz), who is currently a Professor of Singing at London’s Royal Academy of Music, Director & Head of Singing at Musical Theatre Ireland, and award-winning author for ABRSM. Ross is an internationally recognised singing specialist within all music styles which include opera, classical, musical theatre, pop & rock.

Daily Singing Tips are presently being delivered via our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook but will soon be available more extensively in Ross Campbell’s forthcoming commissioned book  'The Singer's Companion' - A Handbook for Singers & their Teachers.


Be sure to connect to Ross Campbell's Singing Blogs below at Blogspot for his complete library of Blogs. 3 Examples of his Blogs appear on the right.:

Daily Singing Tips Blog


dailysingingtipsukRoss Campbell is the founder behind Daily Singing Tips. Ross is an award winning graduate of the Royal College of Music in London and has extensive experience and .....

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